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Re: Vigra VS-10 hardware docs, anyone?

> [...] "© 1991 VIGRA, INC.    VS-10 REV B". [...]

> Poking at it with the console FORTH in an SS20 made it look like a
> framebuffer.  So I de-tokenized the FCode and, sure enough, it is.

I got an off-list request for the FCode.  The card has 0x8000 (32k) of
FCode, but the high address bit is ignored or some such; the first 16k
is bit-identical to the second 16k.

I've put it up on ftp.rodents-montreal.org in /mouse/misc/Vigra_VS-10/.
rom.bin is the 16k ROM image (concatenate two copies of this to get the
original 32k image); rom.txt is output of my FCode detokenizer on
rom.bin (not quite good enough to be re-tokenizable, but good enough to
be useful for some purposes).

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