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Re: Vigra VS-10 hardware docs, anyone?


On Tue 19. Apr 2022 at 21:07, Mouse <mouse%rodents-montreal.org@localhost> wrote:
Digging through a box of SBus cards pulled out of storage, I found a
card marked "© 1991 VIGRA, INC.    VS-10 REV B".  It's got a back panel
with four switches and a DA-15 connector.

Poking at it with the console FORTH in an SS20 made it look like a
framebuffer.  So I de-tokenized the FCode and, sure enough, it is.
I've got it working enough that I could probably build an X ddx layer
for it.

I can’t help with the docs, unfortunately, but could you send me the (binary) firmware?


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