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Re: Improved memory detection for cgsix

> Looking at the 'Sun GX FBC Reference Manual 3.0' right now.  It's
> from 1988 though.  It claims [...]

> According to the manual mentioned above the framebuffer's stride is
> selected by two bits in a config register, and can only be 1024,
> 1152, 1280 or 1600.

Yes, I have a PDF which says similar things.  Newer cards have stuff in
some space that the manual I have documents as unused, which I think
includes things like more detailed stride control.

In particular, I have some relatively-recent cg6s which include
_built-in_ X resolutions other than those you list.  I have an FCode
dump that self-identifies as being from a 501-1672 which includes an
r1920x1080x72 resolution-setting word, in addition to others including
all four of the X resolutions you list.

So at least _some_ cg6s can do at least _some_ other resolutions.  How
much help that is is questionable; if the hardware you have doesn't
have the capability, knowing how it works on other hardware won't be
much help.  (I'd also point out that replacing the FCode ROM won't
somehow render hardware capable of doing things it couldn't before.  I
don't know if there are cg6s whose hardware can do other resolutions
but whose FCode can't, though it strikes me as moderately unlikely.)

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