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Re: CG14 in 8-bit color

> Part of the change is to trust the OBP on the VSIMM size instead of
> assuming an 8MB VSIMM for higher resolutions.  I'm not sure if that
> breaks anything?  (Older OBP versions?  The SS10SX?)

I've run 1920x1080 24bpp on a 4M VSIMM.  It works, in that nothing
crashes[%], but it doesn't work, in that the display is, of course,
incorrect.  It looks to me as though the upper address bit is being
ignored, so the beginning of the video RAM appears at the end of the
video frame as well as at the beginning - anything that writes to
either also affects the other.

[%] I'm not sure how thorough my testing was; it was quite a while ago.
    RASTERCONSOLE console certainly didn't crash, though the duplicated
    video memory affected scrolling.  I'm not sure whether I tried X.
    If I did, it was MIT X, not Xorg X, and, because I don't recall
    anything surprising, it probably exhibited the symptoms I'd expect
    from duplicated video memory.

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