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Re: Compiling Perl in 32 bit chroot on sparc64 failing

kver -r 8.0 -p sparc chroot /usr/sandbox_8.0 /bin/sh
/usr/local/lib/libkver.so: invalid ELF class 2; expected 1

#define ELFCLASS32      1       /* 32-bit objects */
#define ELFCLASS64      2       /* 64-bit objects */

You have a 64 bit libkver.so and something tries to load it in the sandbox?

I thought that libkver needed to be built for the target system.

I thought it needed to be build for the host system, plus it wants to be accessible from the target, too. When it doesn't exist in the chroot:

kver -r 8.0 -p sparc chroot /usr/sandbox /bin/sh
Cannot open "/usr/local/lib/libkver.so"

In the past, and with the 8.1 chroot, I can copy /usr/local/lib/libkver.* /usr/sandbox/usr/local/lib/, and it works just fine.

Now, with the 8.0 chroot and the 64 bit libkver.so, I get the ELF error. So, I kver chrooted to 8.1, built libkver there, then copied the 32 bit libkver.* to the 8.0 chroot, and it works.

Next, I compiled perl from 2019Q2 there, and it works.

Something's broken about our 8.1 chroots :(


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