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more toys than I have time to play with

I have two SPARCstation 5 systems I'm not using, and I'd like to find a
good home for them.  I thought I'd offer them to the NetBSD community

I'm in the Seattle/Eastside area and will meet up within a reasonable
distance.  I don't want to ship the systems (although I'll entertain
requests for the disk drives).  I'd much prefer to get rid of the whole
lot in one load.

One SS5 is in very nice condition and complete with CRT monitor,
keyboard and mouse.  It looks just like the Sun marketing picture.  The
other looks a bit rough.  Both have at least one hard disk installed.

I also have a couple more Sun keyboards, one of them missing a couple
key caps, and some SCA drives.  I know all the disks are good because I
wiped them.

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