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I enabled bpfjit on sparc but I don't have any hardware to test it.

Can someone from this list help me please?

First, you need to load bpfjit module or add SLJIT and BPFJIT options to
kernel config file.
Second, you need to set net.bpf.jit to 1.

# modload bpfjit
# sysctl -w net.bpf.jit=1

Once it's done, all new filter programs will be compiled into binary
code by the kernel and that code will be passed as a hook to watch for
matching packets.

You can see all jit'ed programs using fstat(1):

$ fstat | grep jit
_tcpdump tcpdump    18471    5* bpf rec=97, dr=0, cap=4, pid=18471, promisc, 
seesent, jit, idle


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