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Re: sun4c (Was /etc/disktab on vax)

On 6/27/2012 04:53, David Brownlee wrote:
On 27 June 2012 04:02, Alexander Carver <agcarver%acarver.net@localhost> wrote:

If there's a way to hex-dump the PROM on the working IPX (ideally without
removing it) to duplicate it then that might work even better. I know the
one PROM works fine, the other one is a couple tenths behind (2.7 versus
2.5 or something like that).

Both of these should be model 4/50's.  The motherboards have Hobbes
silkscreened on.

Assuming SunOS could boot CD-Roms fine from the 2.5 PROM rev it might be
nice to try to track down what the NetBSD bootloader is doing "wrong" and
fix that. Its not as if the PROM revision is particular relevant once the
OS has booted :)

True :) I'll get that data when the machines are up and running. I just went through a massive shuffling of furniture all around the house and the entire "office/lab" has changed rooms so not everything is back up and running yet. Going from memory, I recall the "counters" running at the very beginning as the bootloader started up but then it would stop at some point and never finish the boot process. Switching the PROM resulted in a completed boot and the installer would be begin shortly afterwards.

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