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Re: OBP bootloader issue (Was: sun4c)

On 6/26/2012 02:05, David Brownlee wrote:
On 26 June 2012 00:39, AGC <agcarver+netbsd%acarver.net@localhost> wrote:
Do many people have active NetBSD sun4c machines?

I have two IPXes.  One is currently running NetBSD 5.1 and is my ntp server
with GPS receiver.  The other is waiting for an OS but I'm having difficulty
installing NetBSD because the bootloader does not like the OBP version.
  Still haven't figured out how to work around that problem.

Does it give any diagnostics when it fails?
Is this just on disk or does it happen for network boot as well?

I haven't tried network boot but it doesn't like the CD bootloader for NetBSD. The previous OS that was on the machine (Debian woody) does try to boot although its installation is not quite complete so it doesn't get very far. There are some diagnostic messages that pop up when it tries to boot the bootloader. I'm in the process of moving the machines around so I'll try to boot it up and get some boot messages when I get a chance.

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