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Re: 2 free SPARCstation LX in Silicon Valley, CA USA

> Unpacking some boxes from storage, I came upon my 2 SPARCstation LX,
> and would like to offer them to the NetBSD community.

The LX is a nice little box, but crossposting to port-sparc64 give the
misleading impression that they are, or at least can be, sparc64
machines.  As far as I have been able to tell the LX is sparc32 only.

> Here's the downside -- the IDPROMs are wearing out:  [...]

> If you wanted to replace the IDPROM, I found these folks:

> http://www.memoryxsun.com/5251203.html

If you're not afraid of attacking the dead chip with a dremel or file,
it's relatively easy to add on an external battery, too.  My saved data
indicates that http://www.squirrel.com/squirrel/sun-nvram-hostid.faq
and/or http://www.squirrel.com/squirrel/sun-nvram-hostid.faq.html
describe how to do this.  I've had success adding batteries to at least
two chips based on an earlier version of those, so they managed to get
_something_ right.

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