Subject: Re: wscons and XFree keyboard problems on SPARCbook 3TX
To: None <>
From: Michael <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/31/2005 10:48:39
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> Yes, seems to work now, thanks a lot. The hotfixes/workarounds for
> the HWcursor mode that you commited together with the SWcursor
> fixes are just workarounds to allow graceful restart of the Xserver
> and/or switching back to text mode, and not a real solution yet?

No. It's an attempt to avoid the DAC messup altogether, I've been unable
to reproduce it since then and I'm using my 3GX all day.

> I seem to be getting "funny effects" on the display still. Seems
> to work ok with software cursor. So far.

What kind of funny effects? Still freeze & decay ? If so - what triggers
it - cursor shape changes? Palette changes?

> Wow, a fully usable SPARCbook with 802.11b, that's just great!
> I'm happy and eternally grateful ;-)

Sorry it took so long ;)

Ah well, things to do:
- make an external mouse work. No idea why data don't get through, sure
  enough the microcontroller senses the mouse's presence and sets the
  appropriate status bit but it doesn't forward anything.
- more than 8 bit colour. I know how to whack the DAC into - say - 16
  bit but so far I couldn't get the graphics controller to send more
  data. The result looks rather funny, every 64bit unit is displayed
- more acceleration. Like line drawing and colour expansion. At least
  the latter is easy since it's already used by the console driver.
- finish the DBRI audio driver. So far it doesn't use filters and=20
  doesn't support input.=20
- more LCD stuff, like the spinning thingie when accessing the disk or
  ethernet link status, modem and so on. Hacking this into existing code
  is easy but a more generic solution would be desirable. Maybe I should
  abuse one indicator to show wether serial ports are powered up, or
  scroll panic messages through the LCD, or blink the ethernet indicator
  depending on traffic - nobody said it has to behave  exactly the same
  as under Solaris ;)
- more power management support, like actually forwarding low battery =20
  warnings and so on to apm.

have fun

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