Subject: Re: "Bad pAUX_base" again
To: None <>
From: John D. Baker <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/07/2005 10:55:34
Bruce O'Neel <> writes:

> - MicroSparc IIs @ 110mhz in SS4 and SS5 system.  Yes, you get it.
> (me SS4, Laurent FAILLIE SS5)
> - SparcBook and Krups with basically the same CPUs, yes. (Michael)

I used to see it occasionally when I was building post-2.0 -current on
my "big" SS5-110.  Using the 3.99.8 releng snapshot and building 3.99.9,
then rebuilding a more recent 3.99.9 under 3.99.9, I have _not_ seen
"Bad pAUX_base" problems.

Lately, though, I've been tripping over internal compiler errors trying
to build pfctl...  Before that, I was had a couple of unspecified
Segmentation faults trying to install a bootblock in the miniroot while
trying to build a release set--I figured that was a manifestation of the
'sh' problems discussed at length some time back.  Ironically, I was
working on getting everything rebuilt with -mcpu=v8.

Once I update the src tree again, I'm going to try again.

> - Tri hypersparc @ different mhz in a SS20.  I've never seen it.  I've
> also not seen it with assorted other hypersparc combos that I've run
> over time.  They all have been rock solid. (me)

My dual HyperSPARC SS20 has just finished building a release set from
-current sources updated last Sunday.  No "Bad pAUX_base" problems.  I'm
going to do a clean install from this set (-mcpu=hypersparc optimized),
update src and build again.

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