Subject: Re: Console/X-server problems on SS5
To: None <>
From: Christos Zoulas <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/28/2005 23:44:49
In article <20050928165230.777b1360@inishowen>,
Michael  <> wrote:
>> I installed the 9 September snapshot of HEAD (3.99.8) from releng on
>> my SS5-110 via the Upgrade option.  My previous configuration
>> (2.99.10) started 'xdm' for a graphical login.  My SS5 has a TGX
>> (cgsix) framebuffer.
>> When the updated (3.99.8) system started xdm, which in turn launched
>> the X server, the message
>>     kbd: returning ENOTTY
>> I recall there being some work on on the cgsix framebuffer along with
>> work to get wscons support working under NetBSD/sparc.  As far as I
>> can see, nothing like that is mentioned in the config files, so I
>> don't think I'm trying to use any of that--just the plain raster
>> console and it's old-style hand-off to the X server.
>Well, it's apparently complaining about the keyboard so it's pretty
>unlikely that any of the work in cgsix has something to do with it. You
>can run wscons (and therefore XFree) on this kind of hardware but none
>of the standard kernels should use it.
>> Has anyone else seen anything like this?  Maybe there's something I've
>> overlooked that needs to be changed going from 2.99.10 to 3.99.x?
>Your dmesg output would probably be helpful. 

Could it be related to the recent SIGIO changes?