Subject: Console/X-server problems on SS5
To: None <>
From: John D. Baker <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/28/2005 15:13:47
I installed the 9 September snapshot of HEAD (3.99.8) from releng on my
SS5-110 via the Upgrade option.  My previous configuration (2.99.10)
started 'xdm' for a graphical login.  My SS5 has a TGX (cgsix) framebuffer.

When the updated (3.99.8) system started xdm, which in turn launched the
X server, the message

    kbd: returning ENOTTY

was displayed on the rasterconsole.  The Xserver seemed to be running
and got as far as putting the root cursor on the default root window,
but then the above message would come through on the rasterconsole again
and the Xserver would be killed and relaunched over and over.  I had to
break back to the OpenBoot prom, boot single-user, clean up disks and
disable xdm in my rc.conf to gain local control of the machine.

When I launch X manually through 'startx', I also get the above message
on the raster console just before the X root window is displayed.  The
only disruption is about a font path that couldn't be found.  In this
fashion, X11 seems to operate otherwise normally.

I recall there being some work on on the cgsix framebuffer along with
work to get wscons support working under NetBSD/sparc.  As far as I
can see, nothing like that is mentioned in the config files, so I
don't think I'm trying to use any of that--just the plain raster
console and it's old-style hand-off to the X server.

I've since built a -current kernel (3.99.9) and the behavior of manually-
launched X is the same as described above.  I'll try xdm, et al. once I've
got the rest of the world rebuilt and installed (about 72 hours from now).

Has anyone else seen anything like this?  Maybe there's something I've
overlooked that needs to be changed going from 2.99.10 to 3.99.x?


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