Subject: Re: "Bad pAUX_base" again
To: None <>
From: Laurent FAILLIE <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/09/2005 16:54:26
Hi again,

> Yesterday, I tried to build VLC, my swap increased
> up
> to 50%
> After, Apache become very very slow so I decided to
> reboot my SS5 (using 'reboot' command).
> Unfortunatly,
> something corrupted my '/' partition and I have to
> netboot to fsck it :-(

I found why my '/' was corrupted : at shutdown time,
lwresd crashed and trying to generate a core dump
inside '/' but larger than this file system. As it
took some time, I think a watchdog was triggered and
the system reboot w/o sync'ing disk.

Anyway, the question is still there : why my swap
never decrease during a compilation ?



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