Subject: Unable to boot on on SS5/70
To: None <>
From: Thatcher Hubbard <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 02/15/2005 16:14:01
The twin of a machine I mentioned earlier (thanks to whoever suggested the
RASTERCONS_FULLSCREEN kernel option, it worked after I swapped the
foreground and background color declarations), another SS5/70 with a TGX+
board in it.

I install NetBSD 2.0 of the distro CD just fine, but rather than booting
cleanly after I finish, the second stage bootloader tries to load the kernel
but apparently can't find the kernel file.

Boot device: /iommu/sbus/espdma@5,84000000/esp@5,88000000/sd@3,0:a File and
args: netbsd
>> NetBSD/sparc Secondary Boot, Revision 1.14
>> (builds@build, Thu Dec   2 01:42:46 UTC 2004)
Booting netbsd
3,0:a] ("halt" to halt):

Forgive me if this is something really easy, I've done NetBSD on i386
machines before and this stuff was pretty easy to figure out, the way Suns
address disk controllers and such is, ah, complex.