Subject: Re: X a bit funny on new 2.0 install.
To: None <>
From: Ben Harris <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 02/05/2005 12:00:45
In article <> you write:
>3. When i log into the xdm prompt/ banner the typing
>on the keyboard makes beeping noises?
>How can I turn this off please?

Apply the patch at
(only the third hunk is useful) then rebuild your kernel.

I hope this fix will be in NetBSD 2.1.

>4. Repeat key doesn't work. ie if you hold down a key
>it doesn't repeat. So I have to tap the key repeatedly.
>Is this an stty thing? What should i set and where?

For some reason, setting the delay to any value other than 660 works, so run
"xset r rate 661 25".  Alternatively, you can add a -ar1 option in
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xdm/Xservers.  Mine says:

:0 local /usr/X11R6/bin/XsunMono  -nolisten tcp -ar1 500

No-one seems to know why this is happening, but I've submitted a PR:

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