Subject: Re: default slice sizes
To: Chris Amthor <>
From: Christian Smith <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/31/2004 00:22:17
On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, Chris Amthor wrote:

>Of course significant parts of the system live in /usr/, but this way
>even downloading the pkgsrc tarball to /tmp/ fails, since it just
>filles up the remaining 7.5MB.

Don't use /tmp for that. If you have /home on a seperate partition, which
is recommended, then download the tarball as a regular user in that

Personally, I create a /space partition, into which I link /usr/pkg ->
/space/usr/pkg and /var/db/pkg -> /space/var/db/pkg, and then you can take
any installed packages between otherwise clean installs. Then I create a
/space/tmp to use for large downloads or pkgsrc. I generally don't do any
real work on NetBSD (it's a play thing at the moment) so I usually can
blat users (me) and /home area. Else, I'd move those to /space as well.

>What are these default values good for, if sticking to them renders a
>fresh system unmaintainable?

Hardly unmaintainable. Just have to clear out logs from /var every now and

>And how comes disklabel reports eight partitions? I see four, or a
>maximum of seven assuming that the partitions d-f do exist in some
>kind of a parallel universe... ;)

Sun disklabels have up to 7 slices + whole disk slice.

>Ah, before I forget: I'm talking about NetBSD-1.6.2/sparc, target
>system is SS5 with 48MB RAM installed.

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