Subject: Re: default slice sizes
To: Blaz Antonic <>
From: Chris Amthor <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/30/2004 20:59:16

Blaz Antonic <> wrote:


> I don't think it calculates anything at all - when i first dealt with
> NetBSD install (on Vax) 

Hey, cool! You've got a VAX?

> i used those defaults and i got stuck with useless setup.

Yes, that's exactly what hits me every time I stick to the defaults.


> My suggestion: wait for 2.0 release, 

Umhh, I'm already running NetBSD on several machines. Manual
partitioned, of course...


> use one root and one swap partition (in addition to wholedisk
> slice).

Oh please! You do not really want to have your entire system live in
one partition. Such setup is OK for testing purposes.


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