Subject: Re: Newbie pkgsrc PATH Related Question
To: None <>
From: Jeff_W <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/29/2004 14:12:39
> ...
> How do I get my system to use the optimised openssl binaries I've compiled
> instead of the base install ones?

I think the _best_ solution was what was previously mentioned:
download the /usr/src/* and rebuild openssl. There was some fairly
straightforward guidelines included in a recent Security Advisory
2004-005: see .

I've had success with simply renaming the in-tree (/src) versions
to <name>-old, then creating a sym-link between /usr/pkg/bin/ssh and
/usr/bin/ssh. I tested this with sftp and regular ssh client connections
and it worked fine. I _did_ eventually rebuild the in-tree version but
the rename + sym-link trick was a useable work-around.