Subject: netbooting problems
To: None <>
From: David Reichelt <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/21/2004 14:21:41
hi everybody,
i build a small network so set up a netbooting client.

the server is a ss20(netbsd 2.0 beta)
the client is a ipx

i set up the tftp server ( /tftpboot) on the server, i put a
in the /tftpboot an renamed it to C0A8010A because a set
in the /etc/ethers 08:00:20:0D:11:16 SUNIPX an in the /etc/hosts SUNIPX

i think itīs right up to this point, yes?

then i started the rarp server by "/usr/sbin/rarpd -a -d "

after that i start the client and type in "boot net"

the rarp debug says this:

bash-2.05b# rarpd: le0: 8:0:20:74:22:d9
Jul 21 14:13:52 sunone rarpd[300]: le0: 8:0:20:74:22:d9
rarpd: received packet on le0
Jul 21 14:14:01 sunone rarpd[300]: received packet on le0
rarpd: 08:00:20:0d:11:16 asked; SUNIPX replied
Jul 21 14:14:01 sunone rarpd[300]: 08:00:20:0d:11:16 asked; SUNIPX replied

i waited 30minutes without anything happen :-(

during that time i run tcpdump and got a line i donīt understand:

14:16:05.324849 SUNIPX.22695 > 23 RRQ "C0A8010A.SUN4C"

i think the tftp client doesnīt know where the tftpserver is right?

does someone knows how to fix this problem?

thx a lot