Subject: Re: dual interface question
To: NetBSD port-sparc mailing list <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/21/2004 11:49:33
> I've got two HME's in my Ultra 1 - one onboard, one SBus, and they
> also have the same MAC address. I'm running 2.0_BETA on that machine,
> would it be of any help (or at least informational value) if I booted
> it up, set local-mac-address, and reported whether it did anything?
It'll only do anything if the HME has the `local-mac-address' attribute
(property).  At the PROM prompt, if you cd to the device node and look at
the attributes, you can see if it has the `local-mac-address' attribute.

	ok cd /sbus
	ok ls
	ok cd [device node of SBUS HME card - from the ls above]
	ok .attributes

You probably won't see a `local-mac-address' attribute for this card, so
the kernel won't be able to set a different MAC address for it.  As I
mentioned, it is possible to add one at the PROM prompt, but I can't
remember the command I used to do it.

> Also, the local-mac-address is an OFW setting like the rest, if I
> recall correctly. It shows up in printenv. (re: not remembering the
> commands :)

That's correct.  You can also see it from NetBSD (as root) using:

	eeprom 2> /dev/null | grep local

This must be set to `true' and the card must have the `local-mac-address'
attribute for the unique MAC addresses to be set.


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