Subject: Re: dual interface question
To: NetBSD port-sparc mailing list <>
From: Julian Coleman <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/21/2004 11:21:42
> I have a SS5 running 1.6ZE.  It has 2 interfaces, le0 and hme0.
> Regardless of the setting of the eeprom var "local-mac-address?"
> both interfaces have the same MAC address.  (In case you could not
> tell, this is not the desired effect in my case.)
> Is this a known problem at this particular point of the -current
> tree?

The SBUS HME card that I played with a little while ago did not have the
`local-mac-address' attribute (I don't think any do), so our code cannot
set a different mac address, there being no local mac address to use.  The
QFE cards do have local mac addresses, so it will work with those.  You
can give an HME card a `local-mac-address' attribute via the PROM (*) and
this will be picked up when the card is attached.  However, I couldn't work
out how to get this to survive a reset (using nvedit and adding these lines
didn't work).


(*) I'm afraid I can't remember the commands that I used for this.

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