Subject: Re: Help?
To: None <>
From: phlox <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/15/2004 02:36:44
On 2004.07.14 17:31:00 +0000, R. Tyler Ballance wrote:
> seriously though, I'm in a minor jam at the moment, I've downloaded 2.0_beta
> sources onto my sparcStations, and i'm getting errors while `config GENERIC`
> runs, LOTS. Someone in IRC suggested rebuildng config, that gave me errors, LOTS
Well, I just built a custom kernel and no errors :)
> The machines are running the latest and greatest 1.6.2 release (couldn't find
> 2.0_beta ISOs, and I don't have any more CD-Rs, so this is it)
> Right now I'm attempting to build 1.6 sources, any ideas?  (maybe a proper
> upgrade doc?)
There is a good doc at about upgrading to -current,
which also applies to 2.0_BETA (you just have to make sure you checkout the
correct branch). 
Try to get binary snapshots (you can also try to network
install NetBSD 2.0_BETA, which also worked fine for me). Anyway, I didn't want
to build the world (not even cross compiling), so I extracted those binary
snapshots as the doc at said :)


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