Subject: Re: Help?
To: R. Tyler Ballance <>
From: Michael <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/14/2004 20:54:39

> seriously though, I'm in a minor jam at the moment, I've downloaded 
> 2.0_beta
> sources onto my sparcStations, and i'm getting errors while `config 
> runs, LOTS. Someone in IRC suggested rebuildng config, that gave me 
> errors, LOTS
> The machines are running the latest and greatest 1.6.2 release 
> (couldn't find
> 2.0_beta ISOs, and I don't have any more CD-Rs, so this is it)
That's normal - to build a 2.0 kernel you need a 2.0 userland ( or at 
least 2.0 developer stuff ) - download the beta sets, upgrade your 
system ( who needs isos besides for cold installs? ) - then the 2.0 
stuff will build just fine. You'll have to update the bootblocks before 
you can load a 2.0 kernel ( but the new bootblocks will work with 1.6 
kernels so you can - and should - do that from 1.6 )

have fun