Subject: Free Sparc Stuff
To: None <>
From: R. Tyler Ballance <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/14/2004 01:52:41
Ok, not a full sparc, but I'm cleaning up junk to head up to College next
semester, so i'd rather give hardware to somebody, instead of tossing it. 

Here's what sparc related I have left:

* 2 Sun Branded SBus SCSI cards
* 4 sticks of ram from an SparcStation 20, no clue what size
* 1 SparcStation 20 motherboard, no CPU (another developer snagged that
already ;))
* 10MBit 'le' SBus Ethernet card
* if anyone really wants it, 1 Sparc Station 5, 70Mhz, 120MB RAM, 1x1Gb and
1x500MB harddrives, (no SBus framebuffer, or CD-ROM [went to another SS5 of mine])

I've some other stuff, but it's all in the other two SparcStations, and those
are "necessary" ;)


p.s. this means you pay shipping, I ship, I'd ship free, but i'm a poor
college student ;)