Subject: Re: HyperSPARC w/2.0
To: None <>
From: Christian Corti <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/04/2004 12:27:00
On Sat, 3 Jul 2004, Bernd Sieker wrote:
> 2.0F is not supposed to become a release anytime soon, it's the
> bleeding edge development branch called "-current".
> For a more stable environment, try 2.0_BETA, which will become 2.0
> RSN. (cvs tag "netbsd-2-0")

Seems I don't understand the NetBSD version numbering. 2.0F sounds much
less BETA than 2.0_BETA.

> I have an SS20-MP running with two CPUs on the 2.0 release branch,
> and it does not leak (any more). Has been up for 19+ days now, and
> "vmstat -m" shows a steady kernel memory usage of around 10 +-2
> MB.

I started with netbsd-2-0 a few months ago and it wasn't stable at all. It
had many errors with the SCSI bus and many memory leaks. That's why I
switched to -current. Nobody has ever anounced that the memory leaks were
fixed so I haven't switched "back" to BETA yet. I will try it next week.
One question: Will this break binaries compiled under 2.0F from pkgsrc? If
yes I'd like to see the memory leaks removed from -current instead of
switching to BETA.