Subject: Hypersparc SMP
To: None <>
From: Adam Lebsack <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 02/25/2003 22:31:57
Hey guys,

I got very lucky and obtained an SS20 with quad Ross 200mhz cpus for 
$50.  This sounds like a machine for NetBSD-current, so I loaded it up, 
and all works almost fine with kernel sources as of today (Feb 25), 
except for those "xcall(cpu0,0xf01ca010): couldn't ping 
cpus:xcall(cpu0,0xf01ca010): couldn't ping cpus:" messages.  This was 
expected, as I have been following the mailing list.  However, I tried 
compiling a kernel -j14 just for kicks, which crashed the machine 
pretty hard (no console output, had to break to the open firmware).

I wish I had time to contribute, but I can offer time to test updates 
and such.  Keep up the good work!