Subject: Re: BigMac Ethernet out of rx descriptors
To: David Laight , Kevin Halverson <>
From: Volker Borchert <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 02/25/2003 19:12:49
In message <> you write:

|> From some (rather old) experience of 10M sbus cards I would agree that
|> the 60MHz cpu will not keep up with a saturated 100M ethernet.
|> However there isn't actually a requirement for that, all you need are
|> enough rx buffers to handle a window full of traffic on all your
|> active connections.

If I recall the original post correctly, the machine is doing tcpdump
on a highly loaded network, therefore the interface is in promiscuous
mode and the CPU gets to handle all of the traffic without any chance
to throttle a peer.