Subject: Re: Black screen on SS20 with cg8 emul. and Xsun24 (-current)
To: Bernd Sieker <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-sparc
Date: 02/13/2003 16:26:29
> I have built a kernel enabling SMP and also defined "CG14_CG8" in
> cgfourteen.c to enable the cgeight emulation.

> When I start the Xserver (Xsun24) it seems to work to some extent,
> but all colours are black.

Yes, it won't work right.  I recently spent some time getting X running
on the cg14, and Xsun24 has various problems in this usage.

If you start it with "-cc 4" you might get something minimally usable.
I found I had to clear the xlut after starting the server for some
reason I do not understand; this may or may not be a problem for you.

I've got a patch tree for X11R6.4p3 that builds an Xcg14 that works on
my cg14.  However, you also need a few tweaks to the driver, and I have
some reason to think it throws security to the winds, as it expects to
map the device registers.  There is a comment saying that mapping the
device registers opens a security hole; presumably there is a DMA
engine or something equivalent accessible there, though I have yet to
find enough documentation to even confirm that, much less anything with
enough detail to be useful.  (My X server also expects to map the other
framebuffer views, which I think the stock cgfourteen.c doesn't

> Any suggestions as to what else I might try?

Well, if you're willing to try merging my driver into your kernel, I'd
be happy to give you a copy of that and/or my X patch tree.  I'd even
be happy to give you a copy of the base X my patch tree goes with,
though that is a significantly bigger blob of data.

My server gives you 8bpp and 24bpp windows on the screen
simultaneously.  It supports seven visuals, the usual suite of six 8bpp
visuals plus a 24bpp TrueColor visual.  Also, unlike Xsun24, it permits
cursor sizes larger than the hardware cursor can handle, using the
hardware cursor when it can and switching to software cursor support
when necessary.

The major rough edge remaining is that you have to use -kb: I don't yet
have it playing nice with Xkb.

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