Subject: Re: TPE Port Problems on SS5
To: port-sparc <>
From: beaker <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 02/07/2003 10:42:11
> The device to go from AUI to TP is pretty cheap, although perhaps
> getting hard to find new.  It's probably called a 'UTP transceiver' or
> aomething like that.  I bet they are only $10 on ebay, or less.

Yeah, they are cheap: I've got three of them. The problem with the SS5 is
that it doesn't have the usual DB15-S AUI port. Instead its got a weird
thing called a "Mini-26", basically a high density 26-socket connector with what
looks like quarter-turn locks on either side.
lists a "misc. network cable" matching this configuration: sun PN
530-2021. Another Sun-exclusive I guess ...

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