Subject: re: TPE Port Problems on SS5
To: beaker <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 02/06/2003 17:23:09
On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, beaker wrote:

[b: Or perhaps I'll cough up the $$ for a SunFastEthernet 1.0 NIC
[b: : I'm assuming these will work on an SS5/OBP v2.15/NetBSD-1.6 setup,
[b: right?

I'm running with such a beast (hme0).  Works like a charm.  At least
it has until recently (I'm having network issues and don't know quite
where to point the finger just yet.  I might have dodgy hardware but
haven't figured whether it's the switch or the hme.  I'm not getting
errors, so I surmise it's the switch).

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