Subject: compiler failure on sun4m
To: None <>
From: Chris Amthor <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/29/2002 17:40:25
Hello everyone,

since this is my first posting to this list, let me shortly introduce

My name is Chris and I'm from Hamburg, Germany (thus be warned of my
English...). My toy is a SparcStation2, on which I tried several OSs
and finally stuck to FreeBSD, because it's fast, it's lightwight,
there's plenty of software, and it's easy to understand (yet, I
installed 1.6 as my first BSD a few weeks ago ;). Last but not least I
like the licence.

And yes, I already have a question:

As I figured out while studying the archives, there are reports of
"sudden compiler deaths" on sun4m machines running NetBSD 1.6. As
reported further on, only the SS1, SS1+, and the IPC are affected.

I experience somthing quite similiar, but I'm not shure it's related
to this. While trying to install skipstone from the package
collection, the GCC (2.95.3) stops whith an "internal compiler error"
when processing mozilla. Unlike in the problems mentionend in the
archives, the GCC doesn't receive any SIGSEGV or something, but halts
for an obvious intrinsic reason. It then wants me to send a bug report
to the GNU Project.

Is this related to the other Problem? Did anyone of you experience
something similiar, and eventually figured out a solution? Or is the
GCC in 1.6 really broken?


Best regards,