Subject: Re: SPARCstation boot (Zip) disk
To: port-sparc <>
From: Andy Ball <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/26/2002 01:10:57
Hello Brian,

   BAS> hmmmm, if you can stir up a scsi zip250, you'd have
      > just enough space for an X server.  that would be
      > perfect for an "X Terminal"

The theory sounds good, but this one is headless.  I could
run X via VNC, but I'm likely to do more text-based stuff on
the machine in question.

The 10baseT transceiver seems (after minimal testing) to be
working and I've bought a new null-modem adaptor for the
serial console.  Now I have to make a decision about how I'm
to install NetBSD/sparc on it. The most practical option for
me (at the moment) may be to boot from a diskette and use a
Zip disk as the install media.  I'll have to experiment a
little this week.

- Andy Ball.