Subject: Re: ipc
To: None <>
From: Bernd Sieker <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/21/2002 10:35:01
On 21.12.02, 04:06:01, Ronald Cotoni wrote:
> i have a sun ipc here i got a mikrotech scanmaker IIhr can i use this with
> netbsd on it i mean it is a scsi scanner do i need to recompile the kernel
> with some special devices or is it x86 only...

SCSI Scanner support is machine independent in NetBSD, sparc has
all the needed drivers in the GENERIC kernel, so there's no need
to recompile the kernel.

Install the sane packages from pkgsrc and read the documentation
to see how it works and if your particular scanner model is supported.

Btw, it wouild greatly improve the readability of your mails if
you used some punctuation marks (comma (","), period ("."), ...)
to structure your sentences.

Good luck,

Bernd Sieker

NetBSD: Pink fluffy chunks or green bits - the choice is yours.
		-- Andy Doran