Subject: Re: Core dumps during 1.6 install
To: John Ruschmeyer <>
From: Robert <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/17/2002 13:21:54
I remember having similar failures during installation of an earlier 
version of NetBSD and later found that my SCSI cdrom didn't have its parity 
jumper set. Setting that eliminated all the random failures I had during 
installation, and I've not seen a problem since then. Interesting that it 
worked at all!

- Robert

--On Mon, December 16, 2002 14:46 -0500 John Ruschmeyer 
<> wrote:

> At first blush, it appears that I'm introduced some kind of instability
> into my system, either with the RAM or with the SCSI drive. Before I go
> tearing the box apart, though, I'm wondering if this sounds familiar to
> anyone and whether anyone has any advice?