Subject: Re: Sparc Boot Floppies
To: port-sparc <>
From: beaker <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/16/2002 16:15:06
> > I tried rebooting with the floppies and running Update, but it seems
> > only want to get new binary install sets and not a kernel. I think
> > part of the problem is that the GENERIC kernels for 1.6 are not .tgz
> > files, so 'sysinst' doesn't "see" them (at least thats my theory).
> It will work, but you have to change the kernel name from
> "kernel-GENERIC.tgz" to "kernel.tgz".  Or if you need to use one of the
> other two, you can change those.  OF course, this requires you to have a
> local FTP server to install from where you can change the names.
> I do, and it worked flawlessly.  I have a 1.6 system from the 1.5 floppys.

As a matter of fact, I just set a local ftp server up so I'll give this a
try - Thanks!

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