Subject: Re: Sun4c random death revisited
To: beaker <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/15/2002 16:41:57
beaker said:

>Speaking of the IPX, are the 1.6 boot floppy images still worthless? I've
>got an IPX that I'm trying to load 1.6 on and after several floppy disks
>i'm about ready to give up. The 1.5.3 images seem to work ok, but as IPX
>is supposed to run 1.6 ok I'd like to go that route. I saw a past message
>where someone claimed to use a 1.5.x disk1 and 1.6 disk2, but when I try
>this (I'm using the sysinst utility) I get a bunch of error messages, the
>floppy gets ejected & the "insert disk2" prompt gets redisplayed.

I'm not sure. On sparc I do net installs from a local box.

Rick Kelly