Subject: Re: Sun4c random death revisited
To: port-sparc <>
From: beaker <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/15/2002 12:09:34
> >I think Manuel B. was trying to attribute it to that problem last month
> >when he asked whether this machine was hw or sw flush. That problem is
> >apparently with IP[CX] and 1/1+ (and 2? not sure) that use sw flush,
> >whereas this model has hw flush. This instance might invalidate that
> >assumption, though, for all I know.
> The IPX and SS2 work fine with 1.6.

Speaking of the IPX, are the 1.6 boot floppy images still worthless? I've
got an IPX that I'm trying to load 1.6 on and after several floppy disks
i'm about ready to give up. The 1.5.3 images seem to work ok, but as IPX
is supposed to run 1.6 ok I'd like to go that route. I saw a past message
where someone claimed to use a 1.5.x disk1 and 1.6 disk2, but when I try
this (I'm using the sysinst utility) I get a bunch of error messages, the
floppy gets ejected & the "insert disk2" prompt gets redisplayed.

For reference, I'm creating the boot floppies on 1.6/i386 with the
following commands:

# gunzip disk1.gz
# dd if=disk1 bs=18k of=/dev/rfd0a
# dd if=disk2 bs=18k of=/dev/rfd0a


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