Subject: Re: spkr beep
To: None <>
From: Dan Debertin <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/15/2002 01:49:57
=?iso-8859-1?q?Laurent=20FAILLIE?= <> wrote:

> Ho ! Why I got so unpleasant reply ? :-(

There appears to have been a language-barrier problem. That was a
joke. I thought it was funny that we were soberly discussing the pros
and cons of different ways of beeping.

Anyway, the OP has by now more ways of producing beeping noises out of
his keyboard, serial port and speaker than he probably ever wanted, so
let's let the bikeshed discussion die, ok?

>If this thread makes you so @$#%@%$#%^@, simply ignore it !

I assure you, I was in no way @$#%@%$#%^@. Although, if I were, I would
surely have been $}#)?}!^`, not @$#%@%$#%^@.

> Anyway, using audio device doesn't need any priviliged access.

It could arguably be a "security hole" if any user can scare the
stuffing out of the sysadmin when he isn't expecting it. It could even
be a "remote root compromise", if you can extort the root password from
him in exchange for halting your attack on his auditory nerves :).

> Now, I sugest you to go outside, to see the "real
> word", the birds, the sun, to make a smill to your
> wife/girlfriend ... perasp you next post will be more
> friendly w/ other people !

Please don't address people like this on public, technical mailing
lists. It's unprofessional and condescending. 

/^Dan Debertin$/  | Did I sleep a little too late,      | or am I awake?        --Byrne