Subject: SCSI errors in installing NetBSD 1.6 on SS4
To: None <>
From: Ognyan Kulev <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/10/2002 18:27:50

I try to install NetBSD1.6 on a SPARCstation 4 and after partitioning and
runninng the install, just after newfs completes, the following errors
appear infinitely:

sd0(esp0:..): command aborted, retrying, cmd 0xa, info 0x1140, data = 00
00 00 00 47 00 00 00

Other info values besides 0x1140 are 0x10b0, 0x12a0, 0x11e0.

In /bin/sh started from CD install I can mount the a partitions and write
to them without any errors.  This appears only when NetBSD installation
actually tries to install something (after newfs which is OK).

Any ideas how can I solve this?

Ognyan Kulev <>, "\"Programmer\""