Subject: Re: OT: (perhaps) Remove RAM from IPC
To: None <>
From: Paul \(NCC/CS\) <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/06/2002 09:42:51
If you go into your girlfriends/mums/wifes/your! kitchen,
look for a lamb roast skewer. With pliers bend the tip ,
about 1cm, at right angles. This hook can help get them
out, in the absence of the real tool. But it's a bit of a butcher
stone age method, so be careful. It works but is probably
not netbsd endorsed!:)), you just have to be careful.


der Mouse wrote:

> >> I have a problem with my newly aquired IPC. I want to install netbsd
> >> on it, but first I have to replace some of the ram.
> >> My question: is there a trick to remove those things?!
> > They're just 30 pin SIMMs, right?
> Right.
> > Basically you just pull back the little metal spring clips and pull
> > them out.
> It's been a while since I had an IPC open, but I think they don't have
> little metal spring clips the way peecee MBs that used 30pin SIMMs
> tended to; I think the retaining clips are plastic.  They certainly are
> on the 1s and 1+s I've dealt with recently.  (As a resulting downside,
> they're significantly harder to see.)
> I find that a right-angled dental instrument, or in a pinch the 5/64
> allen wrench I use for my VME-based Sun-[34] gear, works nicely to fit
> into the little hole in the SIMM and pry against the sockets to lift
> them up to the point where all that's needed is fingers on the ends.
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