Subject: increasing a process's max data size
To: None <>
From: Ray Phillips <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/05/2002 22:05:31
I'm running NetBSD/sparc 1.5.2 on an SS10.  The machine's main task 
is to run squid and that process has begin to restart once a day or 
so, generating the error

   xcalloc: Unable to allocate 1 blocks of 4104 bytes!

which the FAQ says is due to the process's maximum data segment size 
being reached.  Is that value set by MAXDSIZ in


(256 MB by default), and am I free to make it whatever I like, then 
build a new kernel?

Is there a way to raise the limit just for the squid process?  I 
experimented with sysctl (squid's pid was 18116):

# sysctl proc.18116.rlimit.datasize.hard \
proc.18116.rlimit.datasize.hard = 268435456
proc.18116.rlimit.datasize.soft = 268435456
# sysctl -w proc.18116.rlimit.datasize.soft=373293056
proc.18116.rlimit.datasize.soft: 268435456 -> 373293056
ap0# sysctl -w proc.18116.rlimit.datasize.hard=373293056
proc.18116.rlimit.datasize.hard: 268435456 -> 373293056
ap0# sysctl proc.18116.rlimit.datasize.soft \
proc.18116.rlimit.datasize.soft = 268435456
proc.18116.rlimit.datasize.hard = 268435456

Why didn't the changes come into effect?