Subject: Re: nell pcmcia and wi lossage
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Olev <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/03/2002 01:14:01
Martin Husemann wrote:
> For reasons you could call my own stupidity I had been using the seond
> interrupt - and saw various kinds of lossage, mostly leading to lockups
> or panics.
> Now, this only works for network drivers, and only if your nell is assigned
> at least one level 7 by your firmware. On my Ultra 2 I get both interrupts
> assigned to level 2 - so I'll have to fix it there for real ;-)

I am getting myself a nell pcmcia adapter in a short time (already 
bought it on ebay, waiting for it to arrive). I planned to use it with a 
   orinoco silver card. The machine itself is a IPC with 36MB of RAM, I 
use it for my pppoe connection routing. Since I got myself a laptop and 
it has wireless support, I plan to make my IPC a wireless gw too (only 1 
client=laptop, and since my internet connection is 512/256 I only wish 
it to work so fast (it can send files over ftp to my main computer 
almost 500KB/s, so it should have enough power for sofware endian 
conversion, I hope), if I need to share files with my pc, I just plug it 
in my ethernet hub, but it would be nice to get my home wifi compliant) 
Will it work? Or am I expected to see lockups and panics? I had no 
problems with crosscompileing the kernel with nell or wihack, but since 
i don't have the nell yet, i'm just asking if it will work or if buying 
it was just a waste of money.