Subject: Re: Mountd & /etc/exports
To: maximum entropy <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/30/2001 16:48:49
On Sat, 30 Jun 2001, maximum entropy wrote:

# >Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 13:21:03 -0700
# >From: Bruce Lane <>
# >
# >Fellow SPARC'ers,
# >
# >	I'm having problems setting up the /etc/exports file for a SPARC20 to be a
# >bootserver. Here's what I have in there now.
# >
# >/usr/export/client/root		-maproot=root:wheel
# >/usr/export/client/swap	-maproot=root:wheel
# >/usr/export/client/usr		-maproot=nobody:nobody
# >/usr/export/client/home	-maproot=nobody:nobody
# >
# >	The result of this is that mountd complains that it can't set the
# >attributes for the last three lines. I have no clue what "attributes" it's
# >talking about. I've also tried using the '-alldirs' option, and all that
# >gets me is 'Invalid argument.'
# >
# >	What gives?
# You should only export the filesystem once, giving the -alldirs
# option.  You can't really export individual directories, only
# filesystems.

This is broken.  You should be able to have finer-grained control
than this.

For the record, I have this in my /etc/exports file:

/holt		-alldirs -maproot=0 starjumper localhost starwolf necromancer
/var/mail	-maproot=0 starjumper localhost starwolf
/usr/share	-maproot=0 starjumper localhost starwolf
/export/src	-maproot=0 starjumper localhost starwolf
/export/X11	-maproot=0 starjumper localhost starwolf
/hsfs		-alldirs -maproot=0 -ro

And it works just fine (no kibitzing regarding the maproot stuff -- I have
it this way for a reason, so go away).

[/var/mail is about to go away because of data corruption across NFS with
 softdeps enabled, and tcp NFS panics my system last I checked (I should
 check again)...]

So I don't get why it wouldn't work for you, Bruce, and I understand
your bewilderment -- I'd wonder, too!

# /usr/export -maproot=root -alldirs
# If /usr/export isn't its own filesystem, do this instead:
# /usr -maproot=root -alldirs

Again, you shouldn't have to do this.  It's a bug which should probably
be send-pr'd.

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