Subject: Re: [ Help with YP]
To: maximum entropy <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/28/2001 20:52:55
On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, maximum entropy wrote:

# >What's ypwhich -m say?
# It lists all the maps in zippy.local:/var/yp (except shadow.byname)
# and shows the server as zippy.local.

What's it say on zippy?

# >You may have to run a 'ypinit -s zippy' on your Sol7 client.
# >You may also need to make good'n'sure that your sol7 client is actually
# >binding to your master.
# I don't want the Solaris machine to be a slave server.  I want it to
# be a client.  And my NetBSD slave server isn't seeing the
# shadow.byname map either, so I don't think making the Solaris machine
# a slave would make any difference.

D'oh!  I meant 'ypinit -c', not 'ypinit -s zippy'.  Dammit, sorry!

# I'm sure it's binding to the master; the bootup looks fine, and I can
# "ypcat" any map from the server.

...modulo shadow.byname

# >Do you have a ypservers map?
# Yes, it contains:
# tardis.local
# zippy.local
# >Just some stuff to ask over.  Hope it helps.
# The problem really seems to be that the NetBSD YP master doesn't know
# that I want it to serve this shadow.byname file to clients.  I've read
# all the YP man pages I can find, and I can't find any clue as to where
# this gets configured.  Is there a hardcoded list of maps somewhere in
# the ypserv code that I need to modify?  Or just a configuration file
# I've missed in my searching?

Try restarting ypserv.

For what it's worth, I'm going through something remarkably similar:
When I update a YP password, the change doesn't actually propagate to
any of the clients.  The server recognizes it, though...

Restarting ypserv seemed to fix the problem.

I thought I send-pr'd the problem; perhaps not.  You may want to send-pr
it as a bug.

# Thanks,
# entropy

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