Subject: Re: emulation
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/27/2001 14:46:19
	I have two disks installed, one with NetBSD and one with Solaris 7.

	Some messages on this list have indicated that mounting Solaris 8
	disks rw under NetBSD is a bad idea.  Is this true for Solaris 7 too?

Yes, this goes at least as far as sol 5.  Solaris added ACLs to 
ufs but did not change the version number.  If you mount Solaris
filesystems under NetBSD read/write, the ACL information is
corrupted and you lose all permissions.

	Also, I'm not really sure if I should mount the Solaris filesystems
	under /emul/svr4 or /emul/sunos.  Neither one seems to work, and the
	FAQ didn't offer me any clues.

I mount it under /solaris and create symlinks to the appropriate
directories under /emul/svr4.  Since solaris has dynamic device
numbering, it's /dev will not work for compat.  So just follow
the compat_svr4 manpage to create /emul/svr4 and create a symlink
/solaris/usr rather than a complete directory tree.

If you're trying to do this under sparc64, you need a -current
kernel and compat_svr4_32 instead, although /emul/svr4_32 can 
simply be a symlink to /emul/svr4.