Subject: Re: Returned mail: see transcript for details
To: NetBSD list <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/25/2001 22:10:23
On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 08:58:26PM -0500, NetBSD list wrote:
> Jim Bernard wrote:
> >   OK, I did this, and the resulting kernel has now been running for 4 days
> > without hanging, so I guess tagged queuing was the culprit in some way.
> > 
> >   I'm still seeing a few scsi parity errors during the execution of the
> > /etc/daily script, though.  (But there were none when I ran the script by
> > hand just after first booting the kernel.)
> I have been running with the commented-out TQING code as well.  All is 
> fine here with that modification on my Sparc 5 and Sparc 10.
> Andrey Petrov had contacted me and requested that I try to log the
> debugging output after setting the ncr controller to debugging mode,
> but the disk hanging happens immediately after logging in on the
> console.  So, I'm not able to provide any SCSI debug logging from here.
> He indicates his Ultra has no problems, however, with the tagged queuing.
> It seems that perhaps it is only an issue on the slower machines.
> Additionally, a patch sent to the list by john heasley doesn't work
> any differently for me either.
> I have, however, submitted a report through sendpr.  
> Are there any Sparc 5 or 10 (or 20) users out there actually running
> the latest kernel code with no on-board SCSI problems?

I do, on a SS20, and IPC and an IPX. All using tagged queuing.

Manuel Bouyer <>