Subject: Re: [OT]-Need ID config. of Conner drive
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From: T. D. <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/21/2001 08:53:00
Hi kaz-k,

I have the same SS5 but mine run at 70Mhz.
The scsi connector used in such computers is called "SCA"
You won't use any jumpers to configure a SCA harddrive since his position on
the scsi bus set his ID
ie: if you put your drive on the first (lower) connector, it will be set has
    if you put it on the upper connector, it will be set has ID3
To connect your drive in an external box, you will have to buy a sca adapter
You will be able  to change the drive ID and to plug a power cable with the

I believe SCA is wonderfull, I get a 18gb 10k rpm ultra160 sca drive from
ebay and simply plugged it in my SS5. It work fine now but I had some
problems to install netBSD on it:
the install script said me there was no more space on the disk! 8-o. The
third try was succesfull.

Don't move the frequency jumper if you don't want to make your sparc burn!
It's a joke... I tried without results to overclock mine.


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Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2001 7:23 AM
Subject: [OT]-Need ID config. of Conner drive

> Hi,
> Is there anyone knows the ID jumper configuration rule of Conner CP30540,
> as "SUN0535"?
> I'd like to use it as external drive.
> I also need the info to make convert adapter between SS-5's 90pin(??)
> drive connector and ordinary 68pin or 50pin SCSI drive connector.
> Thanks in advance.
> -- kaz-k
> PS/  I'm wondering what happen if I change the speed select jumper to
> 100MHz(mine SS-5 is running at 85MHz) or 120MHz, or down to 70MHz.
> Is there anyone tried such exploration?