Subject: Re: [ (ID-number:13812) Petition for Solaris/NetBSD/SPARC Opera]
To: Greywolf <>
From: None <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/18/2001 21:33:27

> I hate to say it, and I'm not trying to start an OS war, here, but if
> you're running OpenBSD for "Security Reasons" I don't think you're
> gaining much, if anything, over running NetBSD.

well, it comes down to a most probably compared to tested. It's just the
fact that NetBSD focuses on platform support (Which is great considering the
array of machines I own) and OpenBSD focuses on security. 

I've browsed through the supported hardware pages at and was not
too impressed with the count on platforms there. Sparc (if we ignore i386)
seems to be their strongest port though. As I want to use these sturdy old
sparcs for the 24/7 public part of my network that works well for me. At least
it will, as I'm still in the process.

I would never bother putting OpenBSD on my VAX, Alpha, HP or other machines.
And I really would like to have a NetBSD/sparc box in my mix. But the only
Sparc left is that quad-processor Sparc20 and that's running Solaris for
obvious reasons. 

For me OS wars stopped, when I stopped nurturing the OS/2 port of a C++ GUI
library for a living over two years ago (GRIT by GFT). I really was an OS/2
diehard, having a OS/2 BBS, beeing a TeamOS/2 member and all that. But you
really can't afford your professional career to head into a dead end. Since then
it has always been 'best for purpose at hand and avoid Windows if possible'
for me.

And to the rest of you: Sorry to clutter the list with this. Keep up the
good work!